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Pottery Thoughts

Hand-thrown Stoneware Mug Contest - Who Really Won?

Thanks to everyone who left a comment on our Facebook Page

The responses were amazing, the entries were heart-warming and funny! 

It's possible that we are the real winners here.  But the Winner is Joni W. who suggested we mail this mug to our dear friend Michael B. who moved away from Door County. The criteria: Posting a Comment; Liking our post and Sharing with Friends and Ms. Joni met all those and more. Thanks Joni W. 

I'd consider myself the real winner here. So many people shared their stories with me and everyone else. Each story changed my day, enriched my life and gave me joy. Thank You to everyone who took the time to share. Wish we could give you all a mug. 



The Entries! and The MUG!


Hand-Thrown Stoneware Mug (10oz) by John Dietrich with his glaze: Anagama Red
1. Nancy:  Love the colors that are reflective of DC. We are celebrating 31 years of marriage and total happiness while in DC. Door reflects harmony, peace and nature as does this pottery.
2. Kimberly L. Anderson:  I would give it to my husband who loves Door County in honor of our     32 years of marriage and the seven best kids the Lord has blessed us with! We honeymooned in Door Co in 1982. 
3. ArianaandMom Pensy:  My daughter and I would give it to my dad (grampy!). My parents introduced me to Door County 33 years ago, when I was a child. It was love at first sight and I have been coming there multiple times per year ever since. It always felt like leaving home when I had to leave. My daughter is 10 years old and she has been in Door County multiple times per year every year of her life and she loves it as much as I do. My parents became permanent residents of Door County two years ago; they used to live in the same town as we do. We have missed being together and have visited them several times per year and always felt like we were leaving home when we had to leave there. But, life is very good and my daughter and I have sold our home and next week - in 8 days to be exact! - we are moving into our new home in Door County! We will now be permanent residents of Door County! Finally and at last after all these years, we are coming home for good to where we always knew home to be! My dad (and mom too!) has helped us a great deal to be able to do this and we feel so lucky! It feels like having been away for a long, long time and now we are finally coming home to Door County - a one way trip this time! Dad (Grampy!) is AWESOME!  xo
4. Karen:  I would present it to my husband John of almost 44 years. We love Door County! Have spent many summer weekends camping in the Door when our children were young. We continue to take summer rides to the Door, enjoying every mile and every minute.
5. pottery by ... Debra: I would give it to my husband ... he keeps stealing my mugs. Even though I do enjoy my work, I also LOVE and appreciate work from others and enjoy adding it our growing eclectic collection of mugs !
6. Patty:  I would give it to my boyfriend of 11 years, while we have no children of our own we do have four fur babies and he loves them and me unconditionally even when we are at our worst!
7. Gini:  My husband needs that mug because we collect unusual, beautiful mugs. When our friends come over they love to go to the cupboard and pick out their favorite mug. This mug would be a great addition. Maybe my husband wouldn't let anyone use it. It has the perfect handle.
8. Daniel-Beth:I would give this mug to my kids so they could give it to me. What can I say, it's a cool mug and I don't have one. Just being honest.
9. Tamara: I do believe my partner slash husband deserves a strong cup like this one. He loves clay objects! His kids live away and I would give him this gift in their honor and he would invoke their spirits in his presence whenever he would use it!
10. Sue: Actually, I'd be hard pressed to give it away at all. I love it.
11. Kim: If love to give this to an amazing dad, my husband.
12. Su: My Dad needs this mug because he introduced me to pottery in every facet - took me to see potters at work and introduced me to his favourite artists. This is big handled for his hands and he'd savor the wonderful deep colours..
13. Mickey: I would like it for myself.
14. Rosane:  First choice would be to give it to me as it would be soothing to drink my fresh brewed from tea leaves from it. But would give it to my wonderful son who took me to a tea tasting for Mother's Day and has taught me to appreciate the drink more. But most of all because he is my rock since we lost his dad.
15.  Carol: So dad has past..but to be honest I would use it myself..something comforting bout drinking coffee from a beautiful cup
16. Jana: I would give this to my husband because he has what we call "Fred Flintstone fingers" and it looks like his fingers would fit this mug for his morning coffee!!
17. Liz:  I would give it to my husband so he would start drinking coffee. If this great mug won't get him to start drinking coffee on the deck with me, nothing will!
18. Carol: Amazing answers! Exquisite piece! Love it!!
19. Klaudia: To my wonderful dad ! Who build us house with his bare hands in Europe, got us out of communist country and misses me after I moved to door county ... This great mug would remind him of me when he has his coffee 
20. Sandy: I would give it to my husband because I love him very much and want something beautiful to remind him of me when he travels. Perhaps it would even coax his Texas heart to visit my Door County with me!
21. Connie:  I would give this mug to my dear friend Rudy Scheerer who will be 96 this December and still makes his own cup of coffee every morning and is the kindest man I know and would do anything to help anyone who needs it.
22. Cara: Perfect for my brother in law who buys a piece every year in DC but can't go this year due to a stroke...
23. Holly: I would give this to my husband Jerry. Not because he drinks a lot of beverages or would even appreciate such a beautiful piece of art. But because my husband is just the kind of guy who knows how much I love it and would immediately give it to me! By the way, I got a riding lawn mower for Mothers Day!
24. Jackie: I would give this to the best man in my life, my dad. He helps my husband and I at our Bait Shop a couple days a week. He's the smartest man I know, (yup even more than my husband, lol). The funny thing about my dad helping us is he never takes any money for his time, and always pays for his bait and stuff he needs for fishing. He's the best fisherman I know too. His first day working, he brought this little coffee cup from home to keep in the cupboard at the bait shop, to drink the DC coffee I make every morning, so as not to use a paper cup every time he comes. His cup is probably only the size of an 8 oz measuring cup! I love seeing that cup in the cupboard on the days he's not there. I may have even used it a couple times...
26. Chris: I would give it to my husband because I love him
27. Susan: Love it
28. Joni: Michael B. needs this mug to drink a Guinness in after he chills it in the freezer down in Kansas City ! Then each time he uses it he can miss Door County anew!
29. Bonnie: I would give it to my husband Tom. He drinks his coffee from an ancient plastic mug from Fuel Cafe in Milwaukee. I don't want him to die of plastic poisoning.
30. Colleen: My husband married me and became a dad instantly to my two children. He has been an amazing husband and father. Because of him my kids learned the true meaning of unconditional love and saw what a true father looked like. He would love this!
31. Stefanie: My hubby needs this! It looks like a perfect size to fit some cold beer in it!
32. Annie: Looks like mine!!! 
33. Heather: my daddy...he always makes sure to keep my own cup full ...i would want to make sure his was bigger than i can keep his full in his later years of life
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34. Carla: I would say my bro-in-law but really, I would want to keep it for myself. It looks to be the same coloring as all the other pieces that I own from your studio. Surprisingly, I have no mugs! 

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