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Pottery Thoughts

Bowls. Bowls. Bowls.

The best part about this year's challenge to make one of a kind bowls?

Making the bowls, of course. 

John began the series by throwing the bowls and altering the edges and shapes. There was one afternoon when we worked together, like the call and response you hear in music. He'd do something, I'd do something, then he'd react to it. That was probably my favorite day. Some of what we did turned out well and others were, well, interesting, but all of them tell a story. It's up to you to 'hear' it.

(starting at the top) Green Squares $34; Gold Squares $34; Green Smiley Face $34 Green Cosmic $34. The Green Smiley Face and all the other smiley faces are in honor of my artist brother, Dean, who passed away last fall. The smiley face was one of his recurring images and I wanted to explore that as well.                       

( left to right) Green River Smiley $34; Turquoise Smiley $34; Turquoise/Green River $34. the last bowl was a very happy experiment. We used two copper green glazes together for the first, but not last, time. Really excited to explore this further in this firing cycle. 


 (L-R) Multi-Glazed Leaves $40; Blue Squares on Blue $34; Cosmic Fake Ash Green and Blue $34. The bowls with Leaves is also a 'firsts' bowl. First for those two glazes, first for those leaves and first for all the bumpy textures. 


Starting with the largest bowl $80, $48, $34. After John throws each bowl he applies the color using colored clay slip. In these bowls he brushes cobalt blue and then chrome green on as the bowl goes around and around. This way the colors are both individual and blended slightly. Then he uses a smaller brush to apply a translucent porcelain clay and rutile (the sparkly gold). Finally he applies the white porcelain line pulling the whole image together. 


One of the interesting experiments we tried was using a glaze called Simple on other colors besides copper red. It gives GOOD red consistently and we love it. This last firing we applied it to cobalt blue. That large Cosmic Blue bowl ($80) is so intensely blue it verges on black. The same Simple glaze is on that small cosmic bowl on the R $40. The Chun Blue in the front $40 and the smallest one, also Chun Blue $34 are a brighter, almost happier, blue. But the new blue--fabulous. 

 Cobalt Blue and Copper Red Cosmic $34

 Small Fake Ash and Chrome Green. The gold is that rutile which is less sparkly when this glaze is used. This matte glaze is elegant and classic. John wants to take an inert material - clay, and impart life and movement in and on each piece. He's been imbuing his pieces with parts of his heart and soul and he hasn't run out of either so far. Although this is a recognizable signature design, the new, the one of a kind-ness of this bowl is subtle. See if you can find the obvious one. $34


 One experiment, putting the Anagama Red glaze over chrome green, resulted in this deep and mysterious color. This is John's glaze recipe, one he created, so it's personal and our favorite. Many of our customers love this too. This is the first time we've used it with green and we won't forget how much we fell for this one. $34

 Deep deep bowls, so I took two photos of these lined up. I wanted you to see the inside glaze BUT I also wanted that visual of the 4 bowls standing there, repeating. Each is $34

 Sold the smallest one yesterday. All four were either a new size, shape or had altered edges. John really likes bending those edges. I guess we could say he's edgy, but I'd rather not be that obvious. I like the way the glaze breaks on the rims, like it's framing each bowl. $38 for each


 These bowls are residing on one of the tie-dyed table-clothes we brought home from China last fall. The Smiley Face is $34, the one to the left is $48 and the one on the right is $48 as well. Three different blues, three different pieces of functional art.  

These are perfect for noodle bowls. We had to try them, they are so new so we finally tried them out a few days ago. Perfect for noodles or soup. Nice and deep. $40 each 


 A bit smaller and these are some that got us all excited, stepping out of our comfort zone and into a new realm. Not even sure what any of this means or where we'll go with it. $34 each

 Deep and different, like the ones above a bit. $40 each. We have only two of each glaze.

There are many many smiley faces everywhere on this. The eyes, nose and mouth are a mix of green and red, though I intended this to be all red. Kiln gods are part of the equation, I was reminded, once again. $48

 $34 Blue squares on a porcelain background and sparkly gold flowers.There are flecks of red, can you see? Crazy. 

 White squares on blue and red flowers. $34 I might make more of these, since I am stuck on repeating images this year. 

 John used a different matte glaze on a Cosmic design and got a really interesting blue. And the glaze had some interesting effect on the creamy white parts. $40

 $34 Dark dark blue squares on green background with abstract white lines. The combination of the green and blue with this new glaze gave me an idea for something else, which I just love. 

 These Cosmic bowls, each $34 with wavy edges and  different colored slips applied. I'd keep them just to look at them. So I dust them and enjoy instead. 

 I really loaded this up with rutile and glaze and it mixed just right. This photo just can't capture to depth $48


Small $34 bowls. John threw these and I applied the dots. Boy did I ever. The 2nd from the right sold yesterday as well. 


And the whole experience? John and I aren't done yet. We've been talking and comparing ideas and more importantly, we've been listening. Our customers, you, give us valuable feedback. It may be the most important ingredient in what we do. Our inspiration is all around us, and the response from our audience is what keeps us going. 

Leave a comment or suggestion. It will be like you're here, in the gallery, and we're talking about pets and pottery. Our favorite subjects. 



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