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Ask The Potter--How Do You Throw Goblets

We've decided that learning about the process of anything gives us a better appreciation for the finished product. We have many artist friends and often all we talk about is the new process we've learned. We all can't get enough of that. 

That's why we open our studio to anyone twice a week during our summer season here In Door County so they can watch John throw pottery and ask all the questions they want, even the silly ones. Those often turn out to be the best ones. 

Today we'll share our two videos on the goblet process. First, John throws a few goblets and the Second one shows him trimming it and applying his artful designs. 

And your job? Ask the Potter--John--anything, about pottery, you want. 

Throwing Stoneware Goblets

Trimming and Decorating Stoneware Goblets


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